Both his playing and his writing have absorbed the essence of the styles he seeks to imitate [...] this isn't simply some classical musician dabbling in folk music. Giles clearly loves these musical styles, has studied them, and is absolutely at home with them. And he's written some fabulous tunes, matched with inventive imaginative arrangements, which are throughout, impeccably played. Not just on fiddle either — Giles is also a dab hand at various bagpipes, flutes, whistles and keyboards.

EDS review of The Armchair Orienteer.

Each track, despite unusual instruments and arrangements manages to clearly and distinctly capture the flavour of each country. Piva Italiana for example combines an Indian style fiddle solo with Italian folk and includes a Jew's harp. It would be invidious to pick any tracks out as favourites, so I won't, each one is a gem.

Bright Young Folk review of The Armchair Orienteer

This album reveals itself piece by piece, like a good book and you'll appreciate the journey whilst anticipating the denouement.

Rock and Reel review of The Armchair Orienteer

The purists must have been squirming. The rest of us were having too much fun to care.

York Press review of Carnival Band at York Early Music Centre.

They are at their best when they echo their passion for early music, as with Giles Lewin's sturdy and rousing Bright Evening Star

Guardian review of Ringing the Changes